Refurbished Cylinders

Top Reasons to buy Refurbished Cylinders from CIS

• Superior value – Average savings of 20%-40% on buying refurbished Cylinders compared to direct from the manufacturer or distributor.

• All units are certified for 5 years and can replace your aging inventory of tanks.

• All tanks are powder-coated to ensure the highest quality shine and protection. By purchasing cylinders from CIS, you can expect the highest quality of products for significantly less money. We take pride in our process and the attention to detail which goes into each refurbished tank we sell.

Cylinder Services

Ultrasonic Cylinder Testing / Do you have aluminum or steel cylinders that are out of test? CIS offers UE testing. The cylinder walls are tested by ultrasound which does not require removal of the valve. This keeps the valve from being damaged and eliminates the risk of contamination of the cylinder.

Refinishing / We offer full cylinder refinishing services on aluminum cylinders. Cylinder surface is stripped clean. The neck is painted with appropriate marking color. Optional custom logo (see below) is installed Then we powder coat the entire tank with a clear protective layer to keep it beautiful.

Valving / HomeFill, UltraFill, iFill, CGA540, CGA870 & O2Go are just a few of the more common valves we handle on a daily basis. Whether its testing, re-sealing, and/or replacement, we have the tools and experience to do the job right.

Custom Logos / Branding, inventory control, and theft prevention are the three most common reasons for placing logos on your aluminum cylinders. Company logo, fully itemized barcoding, and QR coding are the most common options. Logos are installed underneath the clear coat for years of protection.